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Do you think (or know) you have bedbugs? 3796909-Bed bug - Revised

Okay. Don’t panic. We WILL solve your problem thoroughly, discreetly, and as affordably as possible.

Bedbugs can happen to anyone at any time. By itself, it doesn’t mean you (or your tenant) are dirty or irresponsible. Then—what can introduce bedbugs?
• Frequent traveling
• Hosting a guest who is a frequent traveler
• Buying used furniture

Bedbugs are easy to get, and impossible to eliminate without professional help, but we are very, very good at bedbug eradication. Don’t worry and don’t be embarrassed; instead, just read on to arm yourself with the correct information you need to move forward with treatment.

First of all, what is going on? Here are the most obvious signs of bedbugs:

1) You are itchy. When the itchiness is caused by bedbugs, it happens primarily at nighttime.
2) You wake up in the morning with welts on your skin.
3) You see a bedbug. They are really tiny, so you might need the trained eye to do an estimate, but after bedbugs feed, they fatten up a bit and can be easier to see. (If you see one, BAG it in a sandwich bag if you can! Our technicians don’t need but definitely appreciate any samples you can offer.)
4) You have little black marks on your mattress that look as though someone took a black felt-tip marker and made some small stray marks. This is bedbug excrement, and is often easier to spot than a bedbug itself.

An interesting fact: If you are experiencing bedbug symptoms but the person with whom you share a bed does not, it could still be bedbugs. Some people aren’t affected by bedbug bites. Some lucky people.


So if you have a strong suspicion at this point that it’s bedbugs you’ve got:
1) Don’t throw away your furniture, clothes, or other belongings. There’s a possibility you will have to, but a likelihood that you won’t. Our trained professionals will be able to advise you and evaluate in person if something needs to be taken out of your home permanently. If we can treat—and we usually do—so that you don’t have to buy a new bed or couch, there is no reason to add to your expenses.
2) Don’t go to a home store and buy stuff to “eliminate” bedbugs. Why? Because not one of those products is going to work. Not one. They are inferior products and you aren’t a trained pest product applicator. So if you buy stuff, apply it, wait for it to work, see that it’s not working, then call us, your bedbug problem has gotten worse in the meantime.
Here’s why: if an untrained person applies an inferior product, the bedbugs will do one of two things—scatter to other areas of your house to escape the poison, or hide in cracks and crevices and just stay put. And bedbugs can hang out in those cracks and crevices, alive and without feeding, for up to 400 days. So they’re going to come back out at some point, on a night of their choosing, hungry. Surprise.
In short, please don’t wait to try to save a few bucks; the problem will only get worse and cost you more money, time, and effort in the end.
3) Don’t take all your stuff and move in with someone else until the problem is solved. Well, feel free to sleep somewhere else but don’t take your stuff with you because you will just bring bedbugs to their home too. And they will not be happy. Nope.
4) DO call Downes Pest and Wildlife at 866-367-2687 for a FREE inspection and estimate.
a. It bears repeating: it’s free!
b. We are nice.
c. We are honest. We go to lots of houses and don’t see bedbugs and we just make some nice friends for free. We go to lots of houses and do see bedbugs and give the best price we can to eradicate the problem. No reason to mess around. But do know that if we see even one bedbug or one excrement mark, we will strongly recommend treatment.
d. We have quick response time for estimates—often same-day service.
5) If you are (un)lucky enough to spot what you think might be a bedbug, bag it up if you can. They move about as fast as ants, so it’s not impossible to grab one. We don’t need it, but it would definitely help!


Downes Pest and Wildlife offers:
• Discretion (Bedbugs aren’t embarrassing but we know it’s not anyone’s business but yours)
• A good price
• Quick service—often same-day service
• Preparation instructions to maximize the effectiveness of your treatment
• Multiple treatment options for a custom solution to your unique bedbug problem
• Technicians who are friendly and extremely knowledgeable, with years of experience
• Emergency Saturday/Sunday service
• Treatments that are safe for your family and pets
• Travel advice (Not necessarily, “Aruba is beautiful this time of year,” but more how to avoid bedbug problems when you travel. Though we do hear Aruba is beautiful this time of year.)

We have many options for treatment for bedbugs, and our goal is to provide a custom solution to your problem, which could be a single-family house, a multiple-unit apartment building, a hotel, et cetera. A CUSTOME SOLUTION is critical for treatment success! Treatment options include:
• Liquid treatment with a growth inhibitor (This is restricted-use product, meaning a pest control professional needs two years of field experience before he/she can sit for the exam to use this product. This means your technician will have a lot of experience.)
• Steam
• Heating of residence
• Heat/fumigation chamber
• Cleanup/clear out

If necessary, we can also provide:
• Mattress covers as a temporary repellant
• Bedbug interceptors for the legs of your bed
• Bedbug-detecting beagle (may add cost of one Milk Bone to your final price)