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Close encounter of the furry kind

By on Nov 6, 2013 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

Mike, Downes Pest & Wildlife’s owner and technician, was sprawled across a Hopkinton rooftop when he got an unusual visitor.

The customer was complaining of noises inside the top floor and after checking out the roof, Mike discovered several holes that he determined were perfect for flying squirrels. We offered the use of a one-way door, which allows creatures like flying squirrels and gray squirrels to leave, but they can’t get back inside. Once all the animals are evacuated, we remove the one-way door and close up the hole once and for all. It’s a solution that’s not only effective but humane.

Our customer agreed and Mike headed up to the roof to install the door. The roof was only two stories up and didn’t have much of an incline, but he had to kind of drape himself over the shingles to get a good angle on the door he was installing.

Then something soft and furry landed on his leg!

Mike turned his head and the flying squirrel regarded him with big huge eyes. Flying squirrels are noisy and bothersome if they get in your house, but seriously cute. Mike froze, and the little flying squirrel froze also, probably trying to work out why the heck some dude was closing up his front door.

They stayed that way about 15 seconds.

Then the squirrel scooted off his leg and to the edge of the roof, and took off!