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Our most popular services include:

  • Carpenter Ants
  • Bees, Hornets & Wasps
  • Mosquitoes & Ticks
  • Mice & Rats
  • Raccoons, Birds & Squirrels
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Carpenter Ant

CARPENTER ANTS: We will thoroughly inspect your house and yard and identify and treat any nests, then treat the perimeter and interior of the house. Sometimes carpenter ants’ nests are located in areas that are difficult to access. The products we use will eliminate a nest even if we can not access it directly. We will involve you, the homeowner, in the treatment process to ensure you are comfortable with the management strategy, its course, and expected outcome. We will provide recommendations to prevent future infestations. We also treat infestations of different ant species.



OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA BEES/HORNETS/WASPS: We will treat any nests found from the date of initial service through the following April for one fee. We will remove nests when necessary. We also provide a one-visit treatment option for customers not interested in a full-service program.





Downes MOQUITOS TICKSMOSQUITOES AND TICKS: If mosquitoes and ticks are your special kind of torture in the warmer months, call us for a free estimate of your property. We stand confidently behind our mosquito and tick control formulas and methods.



3796909-Bed bug - RevisedBEDBUGS:This is not a bug to “manage”; it is one to eliminate.Bedbugs live and breed in cracks and crevices and come out at night to feed on the blood of their sleeping, unsuspecting human prey. It is important to provide an effective and long-lasting solution because bedbugs are some of the most resilient pests ever. Proper application of the correct products is critical or bedbugs re-infestation will occur. It is also necessary to educate all people living and/or working in the structure on methods to stop the transfer of bedbugs from place to place. We provide an appropriate, thorough treatment to eliminate bedbugs.



file000981257613TERMITES: If evidence of termites has been discovered, we will make an appointment to confirm their presence and provide a free written estimate for treatment. The price of treatment is based on an objective evaluation of the property, which includes: size, terrain, and existence of structures such as decks, patios, sheds, etc. When treating subterranean termites, we utilize the most effective termite treatment available. A shallow trench is dug around the perimeter of the structure to be treated and it is filled with termiticide. We respect your property, surrounding vegetation, and structures, and take care to minimize any disruption. The customers are fully informed as to how termites operate and how the treatment affects them. The service includes a warranty with the option of extending the warranty when it is up. We also provide VA and FHA inspections and the supporting documentation. If evidence of termites is found, we will provide a written estimate for treatment.



Downes MICE MICE: We will identify where the mice are accessing the property and take exclusion measures. If we can not exclude mice from every access point, we will make appropriate recommendations or offer quotes for additional carpentry work. We will strategically place stations containing professional bait that is enticing and deadly to mice. The bait stations are locked for safety and placed in areas that are not easily accessible to children and/or pets. The service offers a warranty to ensure a long-term solution to an infestation of mice.



Downes RATSRATS: Rat control requires strategic management as they are as elusive as they are destructive. We will work with the property owner to identify the best course of action and utilize a combination of traps and bait stations to catch and/or kill the rodents. We will also make recommendations for exclusion and elimination of potentially attractive environments for rats.




RaccoonANIMAL CONTROL AND EXCLUSION: A little more than scratching in the walls? If squirrels, raccoons, birds, flying squirrels, bats, possums, or skunks have moved in, call us to move them out. We use a variety of humane trapping methods and we will remove the animals. We will identify where the animals are accessing your home and provide carpentry work to exclude them where appropriate.




Downes CHIMNEY CAPCHIMNEY CAP INSTALLATION: We can install a custom chimney cap for you to keep squirrels, birds, and other pests from entering your house via the Santa Claus shortcut. A cap also keeps water from landing on the mortar, freezing, and cracking the mortar and/or bricks. A cap can lengthen the life of your chimney.




Downes CLEAN UPCLEANUP: Squirrels, bats, mice, and other animals who have taken up residence in your home might leave behind a big mess after we evict them. There could be odors that need to be eliminated, and droppings (particularly from mice and bats) that carry disease. We can remove pest waste and apply an antibacterial solution to the area to restore your safe environment. We also can pull and replace insulation as needed. We would be happy to provide a quote for any type of cleanup work.



Downes DAMAGE REPAIRDAMAGE REPAIR WORK: Wood-destroying insects like carpenter ants and termites can do a significant amount of structural damage before their presence is even identified. Animals like squirrels and raccoons can also cause significant damage. Downes Pest & Wildlife can provide high-quality carpentry and structural repair services.



We also treat:

Fleas, roaches, spiders, stinkbugs, powderpost beetles, carpet beetles, meal moths, flies, drain flies, centipedes, millipedes, silverfish, cloth moths, earwigs, and many, many more pests.

Don’t see your pest on this list? Call us and ask!