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Happy family at homeOur company has more than 30 years of experience in Boston and eastern Massachusetts helping customers rid their home of termites, mice, bedbugs, ants, and more; as well as non-rent-paying creatures such as squirrels, bats, raccoons, and skunks.


“Mike Downes was very professional and very helpful in the inspection he preformed. I would highly recommend the company to friends.” – George & Judy W., Somerville, MA


“I came home at 11pm to find a chipmunk in my house. In retrospect, I could have waited until the next day and possibly saved money. But Mike Downes was so nice and so reassuring, I’m glad he did the work that night!” – Anne J., Southborough, MA


“We were told that it would take up to 30 days for the mice to be eradicated. So far, it’s been a week and we haven’t seen any signs of them so that’s good. Downes was on time, courteous, and responsive.” – A satisfied customer, Watertown, MA


“Mike did a very professional job of assessing my situation (mice in attic). Took a look all around house, roof and attic. Advised of problem with chimney caps that were improperly installed and even showed me pictures to illustrate the problem. Bottom line was that it was a false alarm and there were not mice in attic. He did not charge me for visit even though he was there for almost an hour. I offered to pay him for his time but he refused. This is an outstanding company as I used them to remove hornets from lawn and they did a great job. I highly recommend Downes Pest Solutions for a thorough and honest assessment and job.” – Richard N., Hyde Park, MA


“Had a pest problem and so far so good. Michael was a very nice guy. The service was very good, as a matter of fact it was same-day service. I would recommend and hire again without a doubt.” – Gerard S., Kingston, MA


“Downes was terrific. I had a bat flying around my condo (a converted 100 +-year-old Victorian) and was desperate to get rid of it, though it (had) disappeared when I returned from work that day. Nevertheless, I was concerned the bat would return so they sent someone out that evening who spent 90 minutes looking everywhere for the bat. He did find an open window large enough to let in the bat. When I found the bat lying on the floor in a corner of the hall the next morning, they sent another person (their bats “expert”) out to the house while I was at work. He retrieved the bat (alive) and freed it. Didn’t charge me anything extra; great service! — A satisfied customer, Jamaica Plain, MA