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file000682173580Commercially owned and managed properties present a unique set of challenges in the pest management industry. Office buildings, warehouses, restaurants, multi-family apartment buildings, hotels, and other commercial properties can experience a variety of pest-related issues that single-family homes might not.

At Downes Pest & Wildlife, we offer service programs customized for our individual clients in Boston and throughout eastern Massachusetts. We will be an integral part of your group of professional service providers.

file0002016673197We offer:
  • Customized service plans focusing onintegrated pest management.
  • Reporting and communication after each visit.
  • Monthly and quarterly maintenance services if desired, which include automatic scheduling and confirmation phone calls. (See Service Programs, below)
  • Routine services to areas of concern with inspections to all areas for prevention and control.
  • Highest standards for quality control.
Downes Pest & Wildlife is fully licensed and insured.



3796909-Bed bug - RevisedRoutine service programs offer complete customization of services to our clients, and are based on the number of service visits needed to achieve the level of control required on a property. Service programs can be set up for monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually.

  • Your customized program will be designed to discover issues before they become problematic, and will include regular re-assessment of needs.
  • We offer programs designed for specific pests such as bedbugs, termites, ants, mice, rats, cockroaches, and other invading pests. Just call us and ask!
  • We also offer eviction and exclusion of wildlife that takes up unwelcome residence on your commercial property, such as squirrels, bats, and skunks.